Johan Adda talking about Design Thinking at the Davos Forum HCD

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do". Steve jobs

Pong Studio is a positive experience to bring Tech, Design, Human and Art together.
Helping CEOs and small business owners to craft better products, apps or service. And my clients are happy.

I am Johan Adda. A Human Experience Designer with a reputation for mixing design, engineering, science and business to build a generalist approach and make sense of complex environment, working across various disciplines and reverse engineering UX visions to help specialists creating better experiences. Extensive knowledge of mobile and desktop interface practices, especially for mass market. 

Skype me at macadda, always better to start with a conversation.

Mission UX is the first, fast and easiest way to practice (new) UX skills. From curated content to practical bit-sized exercises. Beta started on January 2016.

Confident public speaker, with international experience, 100+ Keynotes (Apple), 1000+ people. I love to talk about design.
UX Scotland workshop, UX Cambridge, Web2Day, UCD, DavosForum

Yeah! Finally I'm writing a book about Tech, Design, Human and Art. You can read the first chapter here (coming soon) and if you want, pre-order it here (soon). I'll give you a big discount on both digital and paper release.

Side projects
. A very easy way to make your own bread
. Revisiting sandpit toys
. Penotebook, finally the best pens for the best notebook
. Stop the list here to spend more time with my kid and his lovely mum